The Memory of Music

Olive Collins

Betty O’Fogarty is proud and clever. Spurred on by her belief in husband Seamus’s talent as a violin-maker and her desire to escape rural life, they elope to Dublin. She expects life to fulfil all her dreams. To her horror, she discovers that they can only afford to live in the notorious poverty-stricken tenements. Seamus becomes obsessed with republican politics, neglecting his lucrative craft. And, as Dublin is plunged into chaos and turmoil at Easter 1916, Betty gives birth to her first child to the sound of gunfire and shelling. But Betty vows that she will survive war and want, and move her little family out of the tenements. Nothing will stand in her way. One hundred years later, secrets churn their way to the surface and Betty’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren uncover both Betty’s ruthlessness and her unique brand of heroism.
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Lucinda can be generous and thoughtful yet equally corrupt. What began as a game, ended bitterly testing loyalties of lifelong friendships. Behind her almost perfect facade lurks a story she has tried to deny. Alice hasn't a practical bone in her body.
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© Laurence Lee