The Memory of Music

Olive Collins

About the author:

Rather than choosing the role of motherhood and marriage, Olive’s interests gravitated towards adventure and travel, her desire to experience life in all its varied colours was further ignited by her love of books. At a young age she realised that children would restrict her pursuits and independence. She travelled alone through parts of the middle-east (Jordan, Egypt, and Israel). When she found herself penniless in Tel Aviv she turned her hand to plastering on a construction site. In Ein Gedi by The Dead Sea in Israel she worked with Orthodox Jewish Women and later worked with the Palestine women in the kitchens of Tel Aviv. In Thailand she narrowly escaped the tsunami. Olive draws her experiences to write about the varied women who feature in her novel which spans over 100 years, as seen through the eyes of five generations of Irish women. She was always interested in women’s issues and captivated by their resilience, their choices and the ideals of happiness they pursued. Like the characters in her novel, there is acceptance and retaliation in all spectra’s of society..

Biography of author

Born and educated in Thurles, Tipperary. After school Olive studied chemistry and worked as a lab tech for a few years. After a few careers, banking, secretarial, marketing and advertising. After returning from living in Israel, Olive fell into a job in media. For the last 15 years, she has worked in advertising in print media and radio. Olive travelled extensively and still enjoy exploring other cultures and countries.

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